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In my estimation, Ed and Martha Wallace operate a successful Information Technology company.  It just so happens they sell restaurant/bar POS systems.  They also sell comfort, peace of mind and control.

 CSF does not have the largest share of the market.  As a customer, that means we don’t get lost. 

 CSF may not have the most employees to throw at a problem.  It’s not always about quantity.  It’s about quality.  Sometimes your problem is not the computer system, it’s organizational.  They’ve been around the block, they’ve seen how other companies get it done.  That experience has helped us solve problems we’ve encountered.

 They may not sell the brand name POS system used by the chain restaurants.  They do sell a very good, easy to use, easy to set up, easy to maintain restaurant information control system.  Pixel Point is very good. 

 Before we owned the restaurant, I was an Information Technology auditor.  It was my job to document, evaluate and assess computer systems.  I looked diligently at our needs, evaluated the controls provided by their system and decided it was the best fit for our requirements.

 In a lot of ways, our business relies on CSF.  They are always there for us.  We’ve been a customer of CSF for almost a decade.  We believe we could not operate our business as efficiently and effectively without their products and skills. 

Allan Juhl, President

Kallan Investments, Inc.